Lindsay Reynolds


Department of Communication
336 Kennedy Hall, Ithaca, NY 14853


I'm currently a postdoctoral researcher in the Interaction Design Lab at Cornell University. I completed my Ph.D. in Communication with a concentration in Human-Computer Interaction in 2013, while working at Cornell and Northwestern University's Social Media Labs.

Research Interests

The flood of interaction technologies available today means that people have more ways to communicate and coordinate – for both work and play – than ever before. This is exciting, but it also presents challenges. My research focuses on understanding how communication impacts aspects of both work and social collaboration in mediated contexts. In terms of collaborative group work, distance can complicate collaboration in these settings because not all the actions that group members perform are visible to others, and this can make it hard for group members to determine who is responsible for various elements of a task.


In terms of social collaboration, I've also been involved in several projects exploring "butler lies." Butler lies are a strategy for managing social availability (or lack thereof) and coordinating social interactions using mediated communication tools such as mobile phones or social media, which aims to address the problems and stresses created by an always-on world, such as feeling too accessible to others. This work has received attention in both academic and non-academic arenas, winning two honorable mention awards at CSCW and being featured in the New York Times.

Curriculum Vitae


  • Ph.D.: Department of Communication, Cornell University (Aug 2008 – Aug 2013)
    • Concentration: Human-Computer Interaction
  • B.A.: Psychology and Sociology, UCLA (Sep 2002 – Jun 2005)


Journal Articles
  • Tynes, B., Reynolds, L., Greenfield, P. (2004). Adolescence, Race and Ethnicity on the Internet: A Comparison of Discourse in Monitored vs. Unmonitored Chat Rooms. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, 25, 667-684.
Refereed and Archived Proceedings
  • Reynolds, L., Smith, M.E., Birnholtz, J., Hancock, J. Butler Lies From Both Sides: Actions and Perceptions of Unavailability Management in Texting. Proceedings of CSCW 2013.
  • Reynolds, L., Birnholtz, J., Lee, A. The Effect of Communication Channel and Visual Awareness Display on Coordination in Online Tasks. Proceedings of iConference 2012.
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  • Birnholtz, J., Reynolds, L., Luxenberg, E., Gutwin, C., Mustafa, M. "Assessing Awareness and Distraction Using a Projected Peripheral-Vision Display," Proceedings of Graphics Interface 2010, 55-62.
Conference Posters and Presentations
  • Reynolds, L., Ibara, S., Schwanda, V., Cosley, D. "Does It Know I'm Not Maintaining Good Posture?": An In-Home Play Study of Wii Fit. CHI 2011 Extended Abstracts.
  • Reynolds, L., Birnholtz, J., Gutwin, C., Luxenberg, E., Mustafa, M. (2010) "Comparing Awareness and Distraction between Desktop and Peripheral-vision Displays," CHI 2011 Extended Abstracts.
  • Tynes, B., Reynolds, L., Bennett, D. (2004, March). Race-related Discourse in Monitored and Unmonitored Chat Rooms. Presented at the meeting of the Society for Research on Adolescence, Baltimore, Maryland.
Workshops and Magazine Articles
  • Reynolds, L. & Birnholtz, J. "Ethical Issues in Conducting Controlled Experiments in Online Environments: Our Experience with WoW," position paper presented at the Workshop on Conducting Ethical Online Research at CSCW 2010.
  • Birnholtz, J., Hancock, J., Smith, M., and Reynolds, L. (2012). Understanding unavailability in a world of constant connection. Interactions 19, 5 (September 2012), 32-35.

Research Experience

  • Postdoctoral Researcher – Interaction Design Lab, Cornell University (Aug 2013 – present)
  • Research Assistant – Dr. Jeremy Birnholtz, Cornell University (Aug 2008 – Aug 2013)
  • Research Assistant – Dr. Jaana Juvonen, UCLA (Jul – Oct 2006)
  • Research Assistant – Dr. Michael Vasey, The Ohio State University (Apr 2006 – Mar 2007)
  • Research Assistant – Dr. Martie Haselton, UCLA (Jul 2004 – Jun 2005)
  • Research Assistant – Dr. Patricia Greenfield, UCLA (Jan – Aug 2003, Jan 2004 – Jun 2005)

Teaching Experience

  • Communication and Technology (Instructor), Cornell University (May – Jun 2012)
  • Communication and Technology (Guest Lecturer), Cornell University (Jun 2010, Jun 2011)
  • Oral Communication (Teaching Assistant), Cornell University (Aug - Dec 2009)
  • The Psychology of Social Computing (Teaching Assistant), Cornell University (Aug - Dec 2008)
  • Substitute Teacher (Instructor), Worthington City Schools, Worthington, Ohio (Aug 2005 – Jun 2008)

Professional Service

  • Student Volunteer Chair, CHI 2013
  • Student Volunteer, CHI 2012, CHI 2011, CSCW 2011, CHI 2010
  • Reviewer, CHI 2011
  • Graduate Student Representative, Cornell University (Jun 2010 – Jun 2012)